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Import of aluminum
and sales of cut aluminum products

We import various aluminum products (FusPlate, rolled material, slabs) from UACJ, the leading aluminum manufacturer in Japan, and cut and sell them to the sizes desired by customers. Based on the trust we have built up as a reliable aluminum manufacturer since its foundation, we have taken advantage of stable quality and the largest and best cutting facilities in Korea to maintain our competitiveness in terms of rapid supply and cutting capabilities. We are trying to provide the best service to all our customers with an abundant inventory of 3,000 tons of regular stock.


By combining electron beam welding (EBW), MIG welding, TIG welding, and laser welding that require high levels of technology, we supply diverse welding products including vacuum chambers and small/large welding products to the semiconductor and display industries.

Aluminum machining

We supply aluminum products and welding products to customers by cutting them with MCT, etc.
In order to help reduce the processing time, we supply materials by machining the back side, bevel and round shape.
We are gradually expanding our sales fields with high technology, fast delivery and stable quality.