• Recruitment
  • Welfare

BasicBasic System

  • Four major social insurance schemes
  • Annual vacation system
  • Individual Retirement Pension (IRP)
  • Lunch/dinner support
  • In-house workshop/dinner support

HealthSupport for medical expenses & health checkups

Support for employee medical expenses

Support for medical checkup expenses of an employees/direct relatives & descendents up to KRW 2 million

Special health checkup

Support for special health checkup by on-site worker once a year

Educational expensesStudent financial aid

Employee scholarship support

Support for children’s education up to KRW 10 million per year (Kindergarten, high school, college)

GrowthSupport for self development

Job field

Partial support for tuition and academy fees in fields necessary for the job

Fields outside the job

Partial support for tuition and academy fees in non-job fields such as foreign languages and physical training

IncentiveReward system

Long-term employee reward

Gift payment for preferential treatment for long-term employees

Performance pay system

Compensation based on work competency and internal regulations

GIFTGift payment

Support for congratulations and condolences

Support for employee/family congratulations and condolences leave and money and wreaths for congratulations and condolences